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Tax Planning and Compliance for Individuals and Closely-Held Businesses

I have prepared tens of thousands of tax returns and helped to set up hundreds of businesses through the years.  My job is to keep your taxes to an ABSOLUTE MINIMUM!  It is a responsibility I take very seriously.  I know the law, and I know how to make it work for YOU.

Expert Advice on Complex Real Estate Situations

Taxation of real estate is one of the most complicated areas of tax law.  You might cost yourself lots of avoidable taxes if you make the wrong choices.  I have extensive experience dealing with rentals, partnerships, limited liability companies, and tax-deferred (Section 1031) exchanges.  Let me help you structure your transactions in the most tax-advantaged manner, while also relieving you of your filing headaches.

IRS Problem Resolution

You might not owe what they say you owe, but sometimes you may feel caught in a maze.  I have extensive experience dealing with the IRS, and I will make sure that your rights are PROTECTED.  I know how to fight, and (just as important), when to fight.  After all, the idea is to keep as much of your money in your pocket as possible.  You haven't gained anything if the tax savings are eaten up by professional fees.  Please contact me and we'll make sure that you don't pay too much or possibly eliminate the charges altogether.

QuickBooks Software Installation and Training

INCREDIBLE POWER.  AMAZING VALUE.  This is the definition of today's accounting software.  QuickBooks is by far the most popular accounting software in the country, for good reason, and it costs less than $300!  I only work with the best.  Let me show you what modern accounting technology can do for you.